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Homestuck Music Contest Entry #2 - Embittered Shore (MT&HK)

This second entry is one for Mobius Trip and/or Hadron Kaleido - it’s a bit more serious than my first. The idea behind this is, I suppose, what I believed the story behind MT&HK is from the album, in particular No Release and Lies with the Sea. I see the entire concept as highly Romantic, with metaphorical emphasis on the feminine Nature (Hadron) vs. masculine Science (Mobius) development that was a popular topic of creative exploration in the 19th century.

Artwork has been used with permission by the awesome Tavia; I would also like to point out that this song is in no way officially endorsed by either Bowman, Tavia or What Pumpkin.

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    This is my favorite song on LOFAM 2. Seriously, it sounds more like Bowman than Bowman does.
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    album!!! Imbrog should be able...something. I don’t even know if contest winners can do...
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    I realize I’ve already posted this here, but here it is again with the download link, which I hoped folks here would...
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    OH GOOD!! I was hoping this wouldn’t fade into obscurity for not making it. It’s my very favourite of Imbrog’s three...
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    I’m gonna download this after class for sure. c:
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    This was my entry that didn’t make it into either of the two albums - as promised, here is a download link (320 MP3)
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    Have I reblogged this yet? Because I really really love this. And the track art.
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    Signal boosting another fantastic piece of music!
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    ok, i’ve found that im totally in love with…all of your songs jesus you’re AMAZING also im obliged to like anything...
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